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My journey towards living a life supported by essential oils has been a long and windy one. Many events and experiences of motherhood have powered me towards finding a better and healthier way of life for me and my three children. Having two of my children diagnosed with asthma and allergies I am no stranger to the late-night breathing treatments, RSV, emergency room visits and hospitalizations. I have witnessed the discomfort in my young babies eyes, helped hold them down to be poked and prodded, x-rayed, and administered many many medicines throughout the years. It seemed with every new medicine or antibiotic there were more side effects and other ailments and no real solutions. I just listened to the doctors and did what they said and grew more and more exhausted and tired that my babies weren’t getting better.

I was in search of a better way so I started googling and researching. ¬†Through my research, I came across essential oils and started digging even deeper. I started researching the different companies, their processing, farming, philosophies and purity. It took me several years and trying different oils until I happened upon Young Living from a dear friend of mine. I tried some samples from her and decided to jump right in and order my starter kit. It didn’t take me too long to start trying different recipes and I soon found out…..These oils really worked! I started seeing big changes within our family and healthier kids which every mom can appreciate that. I now would like to share Young Living with other families so they too can experience it for themselves!¬†